We continue to have frank abuse of our 12-month subscription policy for the desktop version. In order to curb abuse, we will be adjusting the desktop version subscription to 6 months instead of 12 months starting in April 2021. However, we will not deactivate the desktop version after 6 months, so the program can continue to be used even after the 6-month period, but if anything happens to the computer or support is required after the 6-month period, then the account will be considered expired. This should help curb abuse but still allow our customers to be able to use the program as it was intended. In our experience, the majority of people only take 1-3 months to study for the USMLE. If we have customers that wish to study longer, they can either buy the 12-month web version or buy the desktop version and install on a reliable computer that is unlikely to have any issues.