High Yield Step 3 Prep

You’re likely in your residency and working hard (trying to keep your patients alive, long nights, on call….you know what I’m talking about). The last thing you want to do is study for Step 3; it hangs over your head like a black cloud. Well, unfortunately, if you want to continue in residency, you have to pass it. You don’t want to waste time. You want a high yield step 3 prep.

At ccscases.com, we have 100 high yield step 3 prep cases which will allow you to study effectively and efficiency, so you can get back to your 15 minute nap before a nurse pages you at 2am asking for an order for Tylenol…and then telling them it was written as a PRN before you went to sleep. We love you nurses!

Our high yield step prep will give you all the tools that you need to do well on the step 3 CCS portion of the test. It’s worth 25-30% of your grade, so you definitely do not want to neglect this bad boy. It’s pretty much like a blank piece of paper, so you really have to practice your skills, or you will panic like a code blue or code yellow or some variation of code color. It won’t be good though. If you are prepared, then you’ll be calm as a summer’s morning…or something like that.

Give us a try. You can download 2 free cases here. The product is fully operational (like the Death Star before it was blown up) for those two cases.