How to End a Case When You Are Finished on the CCS Portion of Step 3:

Many people ask why cases will end early which was a discussion in prior posts. We also get the question on how to end the case when you are finished, but there is still time left on the clock. The answer is fairly simple: Just go to the Clock which is named “Obtain Results or See Patient Later” and click “Call / see me as needed.” This will advance the clock to the end of the case. If you have pending results it will show the results and ask if you would like to stop the clock, but if you continue to say, “no” in about 2 or 3 checks, the case will go to the 2 minute warning, and you can then click “exit case.”

How to End a Case When You Are Finished

Just a quick reminder: On the real test day, this is the same for how to end a case early. You must be sure that you are completely done with the case. Once the case is ended, you cannot go back and make any changes. If you’ve advanced to the 2 minutes warning, you cannot advance the virtual clock. You can order future studies that can be used for preventive measures. You can also counsel with the patient and practice good bed-side manner. 

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