How much of your total step 3 score comes from the CCS portion of the test?

The answer is that the USMLE does not give a clean cut answer. However, the general consensus is that the CCS portion is worth from 25-30% of your total step 3 grade. This is a very significant portion of your grade, so you should not neglect the CCS portion of the USMLE Step 3. There are 13 CCS cases that you will have to complete on test day. Each case is worth between 2% -2.5% of your total grade. Thus, it is important to understand the CCS portion of the test, what to order, how to order, how to navigate the software, and how to diagnose, treat, and solve cases.

At, we have a solution to help your studies. Instead of reading on how to solve cases and attempting to memorize and hoping that you will remember how to solve cases on test day, we have actual software that mimics that real test, so that you will learn “muscle memory” so that diagnosing, treating, and offering preventative care will be second nature to you on test day. This is something that other companies cannot offer. Each case also comes with a personalize grade based on your orders and responses, so you will get personalized feedback on what you should have done and should do next time to get a better score. This is much more helpful than a long paragraph about what to do to treat hepatitis. Using our program will help your total step 3 score through improving you CCS score worth 25-30%.

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