The long awaited new version is now ready: Version 3.1.1. We’ve been working on these changes for a long time. It has taken a lot of work, so we hope you enjoy them. Here is a brief list of what is new in the new version:

  1. GUI improvements
    a. More visually appealing
    b. Ability to increase font size (just like the real test)
    c. Ability to go into “night mode.” (just like the real test)
    d. Some other misc modifications
  2. New Simulate Network Lag Option. We got some interesting criticism from some customers. They were saying that our program was too fast! The concern was that the real program is a lot slower, and so they would get used to things working too fast and then struggle with time on the real-test day. We try to make clean code which makes the program work effectively. However, we have added a feature to slow down the program. I think it’s quite annoying, but all those who want a slower experience, enjoy!
  3. Added Sequencing to grading. This was a big request by customers. Since sequencing is graded in the real test, our customers wanted this feature added. We have obliged. Now if you order things out of sequence (if you order preventative care first or do the physical exam last, then you will lose points).
  4. Added Location grading. This was also a request by customers. The ability to grade if the patient was put into the correct location (ED, inpatient, ICU, etc).
  5. Misc Bug fixes
  6. A lot of “back-end” work to make the program better. You can’t see these changes, but it still took a long time to do.
  7. Two dozen small changes not really worth mentioning.

We still have more things that we will be adding in the upcoming months. Just to remind everyone that updates are free to those who have already purchased their program. You simply uninstall the old version and reinstall the new version. You will not need to register again. Your case grading information will still be saved and available for review even after you uninstall.