Step 3 Cases Ending Early

My Step 3 Case will end early – Is that normal?

It is a common question to ask yourself it it normal that your step 3 case will end early. The answer to this question is as you suspected, yes and no. There are 2 different ways that will cause a Step 3 Case to end early. The first is that you do the correct treatment or order the correct diagnostic study. This will cause the Step 3 Case to end early. This is something that you should not worry about. Just be sure to order all of the preventive medicine treatments in the final 2 minutes when a case ends early.

What is the other reason a Step 3 Case will end early?

The other reason a Step 3 case will end early is if you do the wrong thing or let the simulated time pass without ordering the correct diagnostic tests or the correct treatment. This would be a bad thing as you would be penalized for not treating the patient effectively. An example of this is where you have an emergency patient in the ER and the patient has a tension pneumothorax. If the correct intervention is not done and a chest tube is not placed, then the patient will die. This will prematurely end the case.

A great way to practice getting used to Step 3 cases ending early is to download our software for PC and Mac and try our cases out. This will help you get the hang of when Step 3 cases will end early due to doing the correct treatment versus doing the incorrect treatment and having it end early. This is easily deciphered by the grading section given to you at the end of each case completed. It will tell you if you did the correct tests and procedures and which ones were missed. Click here to download and get started today.

Step 3 Resources

Step 3 Resources

You may be wondering which are the best step 3 resources. At least for the CCS portion of the test, is the best step 3 resource for you to crush/devastate/destroy/smack [enter your favorite action] the CCS portion of the USMLE step 3 test. The CCS portion counts for 25-30%, so you will definitely need to put some focus and attention on this part of the test.

Of all the other step 3 resources, our program has a grading feature which will go through all of your orders and tell you exactly what you did right and what you could have done better. No other program out there does this. Plus, you don’t have to pay annoying monthly fees. This way you won’t have to feel pressured to cram all of your studying in a short period of time so that you don’t have to pay for another month. This way you just buy early and study at your own pace. It’s a one time fee, and that’s it!

What do you have to lose by downloading and giving our program a shot? We have a free download which the link is located below. You can try out 2 free cases without any strings attached. Everything is functional when you try it out, so you know exactly what you will be getting if you choose to invest in our software. There are  no annoying monthly fees. Just a one time fee.

Another great thing is that you can try out the program in it fullness prior to purchasing. You can do this by clicking here to go to our download page to try it out for either a PC or a Mac.

Step 3 CCS – Study for the Step 3 CCS

We have a Step 3 CCS product that will meet your highest expectations for studying for the USMLE Step 3 CCS portion of the test. It has all the features that you would be looking for including a fully interactive software, 20,000 orders (just like in the real test), interactive grading based on your orders/responses, a one time fee (no monthly fees), with over 100 Step 3 CCS cases. We would ask that you take a look at our Step 3 CCS cases and download the trial version our our Step 3 CCS cases here.

Here is a screen shot of our Step 3 CCS Product:

Study for the Step 3 CCS with over 100 Step 3 CCS Cases with interactive grading/feedback for the MAC/PC.

Notice that our Step 3 Product looks nearly identical to the real test. This is to get you familiar with the format so that on test day you will be comfortable and perform well on the Step 3 CCS portion of the exam. You will learn when to perform a physical exam, what diagnostic tests to run, what treatment options to perform, and appropriate preventative orders at the end of the case. This is a comprehensive Step 3 CCS test preparation software that will fully prepare you for the real Step 3 test.

Go ahead and check out our Step 3 test preparation material by going to our “Try It” page and downloading the Step 3 test preparation trial version which contain 2 free and fully functional cases. You can purchase the full version to have access all of our 100 Step 3 Cases to study and master the Step 3 portion of the exam, so you can do well on test day. We are sure that you will find that our product is more more thorough and complete and is a better value than our competition in particular UWorld which does not offer grading and interactive feedback.

Many people have tried and loved our CCS software simulator. The great thing about our software is that you can try a full version of the product with 2 cases prior to purchasing our product. We feel that you will know exactly what you will be getting before you decide to buy.  In order to do this, simply click here and you can download the CCS software simulator for the PC or MAC

Archer CCS

Archer CCS

We would like you to compare our product to Archer CCS. First Archer CCS does not have a real time simulator. They have videos which go through high yield cases. They also have some courses which teach you Strategies which is considered a workshop. The difference between Archer CCS and our product is that instead of lecturing you on how to do something, our product lets you actually practice and do a case and then give you feedback.

More effective teaching than Archer CCS

This strategy is way more effective at teaching for the CCS test than to just explain how to do something. Again, going over the cases and reviewing what was done right and what was done wrong is the best way to study for the CCS Cases portion of the test. Lets give an analogy of teaching a person how to swim. You can discuss how it’s important to hold your breath and teach some basic swimming strokes. The fact of the matter is that person will never learn how to swim no matter how many times you lecture him on the strategies of swimming unless that person goes into the water and attempts to swim.

Likewise, the same is true about the ccs portion of the test. You have to learn how to master the CCS portion of the test by doing live cases (i.e. swimming) instead of being lectured on the strategies on what should be done. You can practice with a program that is near identical to the real test. Strategies will be taught and proper ordering practices. This is all done at the end of the case going over strengths and weaknesses and strategies for mastering that particular case. Go ahead and actually learn to swim instead of being lectured on how to swim by doing real cases and learn to master it by doing rather than watching. Download our trial version here.

CCS Videos

CCS Videos

We have a couple CCS Videos here at The first video can be found here. This video goes over how to use the CCSCases program with ordering labs and treatments and how the grading system works. This video will go through a typical case that you might see on the real test day. You will notice that it looks very similar to the real program. This is because we do not want there to be any surprises on test day. If you decide to use our product, you will be very familiar with the software on test day. Give it a try! See the link at the bottom.

The next video found here. This video shows you how to install and Register CCSCases on a PC. It is fairly straightforward. The other CCS Video that we have is located here. This video shows you how to install and register CCSCases on a Mac.

There are other companies that have CCS Videos on YouTube that you can watch. This can be helpful in the beginning, but you are really not going to get the level of experience that you will need to complete a case on test day by just watching CCS Videos. You really need to practice different types of cases: Internal medicine cases, Pediatric cases, Ob/Gyn cases, and emergency cases, so that you will be well prepared to tackle any type of case that you see on test day.

We recommend that you download our trial version and test it out for yourself. Don’t just trust us. You can download the trial version and try out 2 free cases which are fully functional to see what you are buying before you buy the product. Give it a try. Check out the trial version download page here.




How much of your total step 3 score comes from the CCS portion of the test?

How much of your total step 3 score comes from the CCS portion of the test?

The answer is that the USMLE does not give a clean cut answer. However, the general consensus is that the CCS portion is worth from 25-30% of your total step 3 grade. This is a very significant portion of your grade, so you should not neglect the CCS portion of the USMLE Step 3. There are 13 CCS cases that you will have to complete on test day. Each case is worth between 2% -2.5% of your total grade. Thus, it is important to understand the CCS portion of the test, what to order, how to order, how to navigate the software, and how to diagnose, treat, and solve cases.

At, we have a solution to help your studies. Instead of reading on how to solve cases and attempting to memorize and hoping that you will remember how to solve cases on test day, we have actual software that mimics that real test, so that you will learn “muscle memory” so that diagnosing, treating, and offering preventative care will be second nature to you on test day. This is something that other companies cannot offer. Each case also comes with a personalize grade based on your orders and responses, so you will get personalized feedback on what you should have done and should do next time to get a better score. This is much more helpful than a long paragraph about what to do to treat hepatitis. Using our program will help your total step 3 score through improving you CCS score worth 25-30%.

Try our product our before you decide to purchase. Click here to download and try 2 free cases.



Step 3 CCS Tips – Study for the Step 3 CCS Exam – For the PC and Mac

Are you looking for some Step 3 CCS Tips? Well, with our program, you will receive thousands for Step 3 CCS tips because each case will give you tips for managing the patient correctly. It will go through diagnostic orders, preventative medicine orders, treatment orders, and good bedside manner. All these combine for the best Step 3 CCS tips out there because it will go order-by-order in the feedback section at the end of each case.

What is different about your Step 3 CCS Tips?

The difference is that other websites and companies will give you generalities for their step 3 ccs tips. is different in the sense that it will give you specifics such as this was the diagnostic order that should have been ordered and this was the treatment that should have been administered. This makes the advice and feedback much more valuable, so you can learn what specifically should be done in each case and not just in generalities.

So….what does that mean for you? It means specific advise is better than general advise. For example, if you are buying a specific house and you call up on a radio show and ask if you should buy a house, you will likely get advise like “well, make sure the house gets a home inspection and make sure the price is comparable to other houses around the neighborhood.” This is good advice, but the better advice would be someone who is familiar with the neighborhood and the specific house, “It’s a great house. You should buy it because of x, y, and z.”

This analogy is the same for We have the 100 most common cases tested, and we know how to specifically prepare you for each and every one of them. We ask that you try out our program for the PC or the Mac by going to our download page here.

Studying for step 3

Are you studying for step 3 or looking for a program to help you study for step 3? While it’s important to learn the clinical content and facts of step 3, it could be very detrimental to your step 3 score if you are not familiar and prepared to take the CCS portion of the step 3 test. Did you know that the CCS portion of the test is worth 25% of your entire grade? That is 3% per case. The CCS portion can determine whether you pass or fail. It’s important that you are prepared. We recommend to all that are studying for step 3 to take a look at our interactive case simulator. You will not be learning from a book, but from software that will teach you and familiarize you with the actual software that you will be using on the real test day. This way, when the real test day arrives, you will be very familiar with the software including how to navigate the software, how to order, what to order, the sequencing of the orders, what’s important for diagnosis, what is important for treatment, and what is important for preventative care.

To those who are studying for step 3, why don’t you give our software a try. You can download a free version for 2 full cases that can show you how it works. The best thing that we can tell students that are studying for step 3 is that it gives you feedback on the orders on things that you did and what things you could improve on. It also gives you a final score when you complete the case. The final grading will give you feedback on the physical exam, the diagnostic orders, the treatment, and any preventative care.

You can download our free trial here.

Failed Step 3

Have you failed step 3?

We understand that for students who have failed step 3 that this can be devastating. Many students report that the reason they failed step 3 is due to the CCS Case portion of the test. They were unfamiliar with the testing environment, unfamiliar with what to order, unfamiliar with what the cases were looking far.

Being unfamiliar with the software can lead to telling your friends and family that you failed step 3

Being familiar with the CCS software is essential to avoid failing step 3. Our software is almost identical to the real test, so you develop valuable experience using our software that you can’t get from reading a book about step 3. Actually practicing is the only way to get better and to avoid telling your friends and family that you failed step 3.

Our software lets you practice with 100 cases, and there is no monthly fee, so you can take as long as you need to become familiar with the software, and the most commonly seen cases. We only select the cases that have a high probability of being seen on the real test day.

We would highly recommend going to our download page located here and trialing 2 free cases which is fully functional. All the functions and features are available for this, so you can test what you are really purchasing. We have confidence that you will find that our software is better than our competitors and has a better value than our competitors who charge in our opinion excessive amounts for a monthly fee.  We feel that a one-time fee is a more fair rate to our customers. We also have interactive grading which our competitors do not. It actually tells you what you did right and what you did wrong.

Nbme step 3

The NBME Step 3 or the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) is the organization that issues the NBME Step 3 exam. The NBME Step 3 has many resources on their website. Click the on the NBME Step 3 link to see what they have to offer.

NBME Step 3

The NBME Step 3 site does not have the software preparation material for the USMLE step 3 since the NBME Step 3 site mainly focuses on the other exams. However, if you go over to the USMLE.ORG website, it does have links to download the Primum Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS) (Windows only). If you have a Mac, then you cannot run this software.

Alternative to Primum Computer-based Case Simulations

As a good alternative to the Primum Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS) cases it to download our software located here, and you can test out 2 free cases and you can buy the other 98 cases for a one time fee (no monthly fees like our competitors). You can buy early and study at your own pace. No more rushing to get cases done because your monthly subscription is about to expire. You can study at your own pace.

The difference between the Primum Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS) and our software is that we offer 100 cases to practice and the Primum CCS cases offers 5 cases to practice. Also, the Primum CCS cases does not offer interactive feedback. They give you a pdf to look at, and you have to judge and guess if you did according to what the pdf says. In our program, you do not have to guess. It will show you which things that were done correctly and which things were done incorrectly. You can go to the downloads page and try out our program whether it be on a Mac or a PC. Try it out for free.