CCS Cases Interactive Program for Windows 7/8/10 (110MB)

Try out our interactive CCS Cases program. It’s just like the real test, and it has grading and feedback! Learn what you did right and what you could do better to master the skills required for the CCS Test.

Instructions for Installation:

  1. Click the “Download for Windows” button below.
  2. Run the CCS_Cases_PC_4_9_5.msi by double clicking the file icon
  3. Follow installation instructions in the installer
  4. Double click CCS Cases Shortcut located on your desktop or start menu
  5. If you are confused on how to install, please look at our YouTube Windows installation tutorial here (If you would just like to try the trial, just ignore the key registration part).

If you have an older machine and/or have a 32 bit operating system or processor, please e-mail us, and we can send you a 32-bit/compatibility version.

Size: 4.9.5