You’re finally at the last of the dreaded USMLE series and are studying for the grand finale of the USMLE 3. After suffering the grit of USMLE step 1 sweating if you don’t get that high score that your plastic surgery days will never come to be. With the CS portion of step 2, you pretended to care about what a fake patient was telling you and put a stethoscope down at all the right placed even though you would never do that in real life. You are now almost done with things and now must pass USMLE 3 to become a doctor.

OK, learn about your new opponent. The USMLE 3 is divided into 2 sections. The multiple choice section and the CCS (Clinical Case Simulation) cases. The CCS cases are tantamount to a blank sheet test or an essay test. You are given a list of symptoms and now you need to tell the computer what to do. This is a much more challenging test for a lot of people because you can’t just pick a multiple choice answer. Wait, there’s no ‘E’! This means that you can pretty much choose any answer which may or may not be the correct thing to do.

This takes some getting used to. Of course we are going to recommend our software (we’re not shy about that). We have the program to help you get accustomed to the CCS software and get the muscle (or brain) memory to order the test reflexively so that on test day you’ll have things down pat. has 100 cases to get accustomed to the type of case that you will be asked about and how to correctly order and treat different cases.

Try out USMLE 3 case simulator for free by clicking the link here.