USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator 

100 cases with a realistic real-time simulator which provides feedback and grading for each case based on your answers. No monthly fees.

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Full Interactive CCS Simulator
Full order set with over 20,000 orders
Number of Cases 101 Cases 51 Cases
Feedback and Grading of cases
Price One Time fee of $69.99 $99/month
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USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator

What Step 3 CCS Cases offers:

  • Simulation experience almost identical to real testing environment
  • Over 20,000 orders just like on the real test
  • 100 cases to study and become familiar with how the case simulator works
  • Scoring, grading, and feedback based on your answers provided for each case with suggestions on how to improve your score.
  • Only a one-time fee. No monthly fees. Buy early and study at your own pace.
  • Try 2 free cases before you buy
  • Only a one time fee of $69.99. 

Video of CCS Cases

CCS Cases Interactive Case Simulator

Step 3 CCS Cases offers the first real-time interactive grading and feedback. Each case that is studied will give feedback based on what is done in the case. This gives valuable feedback on how to improve your score and what was done correctly and was done incorrectly. Contrast this to Uworld Step 3 CCS version which has no feedback. You will see that Step 3 CCS Cases offers more value, grading, a one-time fee (meaning no monthly fees), and more cases than UWorld (Uworld offers 51 cases, CCSCases offers 100 cases). We ask you to try out our trial version to compare the difference for yourself. This will help master the content, so you can perform well on the real USMLE Step 3 CCS portion of the exam on test day. 

Compare us to Uworld

We are very confident that if you compare our Step 3 CCS software program for the PC or Mac you will see that it is clearly a superior product. The program is smooth, it has no delay, the patient updates are seamless, and there is real-time, interactive feedback based on your responses. It is better than studying the FRED or the Primum Computer-based Case Simulations Examination that is located on the USMLE website. Just like on UWorld’s CCS Cases, the Primum or FRED case simulator will only offer a paragraph at the end of the case, and you have to figure out if you ordered the correct thing or if you did the right thing. With our Step 3 CCS program, you will get grading based on five different categories:  Diagnostic Orders, Treatment Orders, Preventative Orders, Timing, and Appropriateness of Orders. This is similar to what is graded on the real test. 

Feels and works just like the real program Primum

Unlike Uworld where there are limited number of orders, in Step 3 CCS software, there are 20,000 orders, so you can order the same thing 10 different ways (just like in the real test). This way you don’t have to worry about ordering one way on the practice test and then ordering a different way on the real exam. You can learn just like in the FRED or Primum case simulator and forget about having to learn two different methods for ordering diagnostic studies or procedures. It really is superior in every way, and the product has more value since it’s a one time fee instead of a pricey monthly fee. You can buy early and study at your own pace!

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    "Let me take this time out to thank the entire staff and founders of CCS cases. My result came today and i passed on a second attempt. I had remarkable improvement (70%) on the CCS portion of my exam and used only your website and nothing else. I'm exceedingly grateful to you guys for this practice material"

    Kenneth O., MD
    CCS Cases User, 2018
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    "Thank you so much!!! I greatly appreciate it!!! I think [your program] is extremely accurate."

    Fernando G
    CCS Cases User, 2018
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    "By the way, I wanted to say thank you for your program because I passed the CCS Part because of it."

    Ekta S.
    CCS Cases User, 2018
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    "Thank you for creating CCScases. I am learning a lot by using it. I think it should be a mandatory component of MS-III curriculum in every medical school."

    Alex C.
    CCS Cases User, 2018
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    "Thank you very much. I absolutely love this product! It’s great and very helpful. "

    Mona M.
    CCS Cases User, 2018
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    "Just wanting you to know that I was able to find my way to a passing score on the USMLE Step 3 exam. Again, your CCScases software was instrumental in helping instill in me the confidence I needed to feel prepared. Thank you for the efforts you are making."

    Alexander C
    CCS Cases User, 2019