Release of Desktop Version 4.9.12

Release of Desktop Version 4.9.12

We thought the last version would be the last update for the desktop version, but we had to fix a few bugs. Minor bugs were fixed in version 4.9.12.

Transition to online/web version only

Transition to online/web version only

After much debate, we will begin to transition to only offering the online/web version of the program. This will likely occur over the next six months, but could take longer. Most of our customers are already using the web/online version. We will raise the price of the desktop version to encourage the transition.

Having multiple versions has led to a lot of confusion. Although we explain in our FAQ and other places in our website, confusion remains. The fact of the matter is that many people don’t understand the difference between an installed application and a web application that is run through a browser. We have had many customers purchase the desktop version thinking that they purchased the online/web version. 

In order to simplify, we will transition to just offering the online/web version as this is the preferred version used now by most of our customers. We understand that some will not like this change, but we feel that for the majority of customers this will simplify things and lead to less confusion.

Release of Desktop Version 4.9.11

Release of Version 4.9.11

We have updated our desktop version to include all released 140 cases. This will likely be the last update to the desktop version as we will be transitioning to just the web/online version as the majority of customers are now using this version. 

To update, please go to our download page here. Download the latest version and uninstall the old version and install the newer version. You should not need to reactivate/re-register when you update versions.

Release of Desktop Version 4.9.10

We released desktop version 4.9.10. This added 5 new cases and cleaned up some minor issues. If you use the online version, all updates are automatically updated, so you do not need to do anything. We continue to plan for new cases and new features.

Adjustment to support time for the desktop version starting in April 2021

We continue to have frank abuse of our 12-month subscription policy for the desktop version. In order to curb abuse, we will be adjusting the desktop version subscription to 6 months instead of 12 months starting in April 2021. However, we will not deactivate the desktop version after 6 months, so the program can continue to be used even after the 6-month period, but if anything happens to the computer or support is required after the 6-month period, then the account will be considered expired. This should help curb abuse but still allow our customers to be able to use the program as it was intended. In our experience, the majority of people only take 1-3 months to study for the USMLE. If we have customers that wish to study longer, they can either buy the 12-month web version or buy the desktop version and install on a reliable computer that is unlikely to have any issues.