CCS Videos

We have a couple CCS Videos here at The first video can be found here. This video goes over how to use the CCSCases program with ordering labs and treatments and how the grading system works. This video will go through a typical case that you might see on the real test day. You will notice that it looks very similar to the real program. This is because we do not want there to be any surprises on test day. If you decide to use our product, you will be very familiar with the software on test day. Give it a try! See the link at the bottom.

The next video found here. This video shows you how to install and Register CCSCases on a PC. It is fairly straightforward. The other CCS Video that we have is located here. This video shows you how to install and register CCSCases on a Mac.

There are other companies that have CCS Videos on YouTube that you can watch. This can be helpful in the beginning, but you are really not going to get the level of experience that you will need to complete a case on test day by just watching CCS Videos. You really need to practice different types of cases: Internal medicine cases, Pediatric cases, Ob/Gyn cases, and emergency cases, so that you will be well prepared to tackle any type of case that you see on test day.

We recommend that you download our trial version and test it out for yourself. Don’t just trust us. You can download the trial version and try out 2 free cases which are fully functional to see what you are buying before you buy the product. Give it a try. Check out the trial version download page here.