Do you have both 10 minute cases and 20 minute cases?

Yes, there is a mix of 10 minute and 20 minute cases in the full version.

How much does your product cost?

The product costs a one-time fee of $69.99. There are no monthly fees.

Are updates free?

Yes, updates are free to paid users.

How many computers can I use this on?

This is designed to use on 1 user account on 1 computer.

How many cases are there in your program?

There are 100 cases.

Do I get feedback after finishing a case?

Yes, each case provides feedback on what can be approved in your performance of the case. This is a very unique and very useful feature of our product.

I did the right thing! How come my grade came back bad?

As just on the real step 3 test, getting the right diagnosis and treating isn’t all that is required. It is important to be thorough, rule out other potential causes of the patient’s presentation, and to provide good bed-side manner. These are all important aspects of the grade in the simulation as well as on the real exam.

It’s really hard to get a 100% on the cases, am I going to fail?

The grading gives the “ideal” response that would take into account every test, treatment, and preventative measure for the case. If you are scoring above 80%, then this is a good score.  The simulation is there to help teach you potential lost points for the real test day. This can be frustrating, but if you take the time to learn from them, it will give you good results on test day.

Can I test out your program before I buy it?

Yes, you can test 2 full cases for free. Just download the app from the “Try It” Page. There are 2 cases that are fully functional.

Is your simulation like the real test?

Yes, it is very similar. There are minor differences, but we have worked hard to make the experience similar to familiarize you with what will be required on test day. Note that there are over 20,000 orders that you can choose from, just like the real test.

How do I get my key?

Your key will be available the second you complete your purchase. It will also be emailed to you. If you still have not received your key, please e-mail us, and we’ll resolve this as soon as possible.

Does your product work on iOS or Android?

Short answer is no. It will work on a PC or a Mac. Long answer is: due to the complexity of the software required to accurately mimic the real test (the real test runs on a PC), our product only will work on a PC or a Mac. There are complicated reasons why it will not work on iOS or Android, but we will spare you those details. We also believe that you should practice on a desktop environment because that will be the environment that you will be using on the real test day.

How do I update to a new version?

Upgrading is simple and relatively painless:

1 – Uninstall your current version of CCS Cases (This will not delete your key or your feedback)

2 – Go to our download page: https://www.ccscases.com/try-ccscases/

3- Download the new version of the MAC or the PC.

4 – Install the MAC and PC version using the instructions found at our download page

5 – All done. Enjoy the new and updated version.

Do you save credit card information?

No, we do not save credit card information. All of the credit card processing is handled through Stripe, Paypal, or Amazon Pay. We never see your credit card information, and we never store it. It is safe to use your credit card on our site.

How many times can you do each case?

You can do each case as many times as you want. There is no limit.

How do I install and register the product?

1 – First go to ccscases.com and select the Try / Download Tab

2 – Select either the Windows or Mac version and download the file

3 – Double click and run the installer

4 – Follow the instructions for the installation

5 – Run the program by opening the CCS Cases shortcut found on the desktop

6 – Click “help” and then “Register a Key”

7 – Enter the key as given to you in either the checkout process or an email sent to you after you have purchased the product.

8 – Let us know if you have any questions or concerns at info@ccscases.com

When trying to install, I get an error “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run.”

This error is not common, but the reason for this is due to lack of permissions in Windows. To fix this error:

Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to: c:\users\”username”\AppData\Local\  then right click on “temp” and choose “properties”. Choose “security” –> edit –> add, and add the username you are using, and give yourself all rights.

“username” in quotes is the user name you are currently using in Window.

Here is a youtube video about how to correctly fix this error:


Is there an option in exiting a case and getting your result before the time is up?

Yes, just like in the real test, if you feel you are done with the case, just hit the clock icon and click “call / see me as needed” and the case will advance until it ends.

I’m confused on how to install on a PC. Can you help me?

A video is worth a 100,000 words. Take a look at this video on how to install and register the program on a PC:


Can I do a case more than once? How do I reset a case?

Yes, you can do as many cases as many times as you want. After completing each case, you will be given a grade. If you do 10 attempts on one case, you will be given 10 different feedback scores. All attempts and their scores will be saved for your review. See the image below: at the grading menu, they will be listed by the time of each attempt. You can click on each attempt to view your feedback and score.

For Mac: Once I install the .pkg and it says “Installed Successfully.” How do I open the App?

This may seem like an easy thing, but for those users not as familiar with operating Macs, this may be helpful. First, you need to locate your finder and the the Application folder. You will then find CCS Cases inside. This is what it will look like:

How to Open App on a Mac

I noticed that the final diagnosis is not graded. Why not?

You’re right, the final diagnosis is not graded because in the real Step 3 CCS test, the final diagnosis is not graded. It says so on the USMLE.org website. Therefore, to be consistent, the final diagnosis is not a part of your final score.

Does the license ever expire?